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User Guide

Order Flow

Choose the goods needed

Image in the product detail page, color, please check the material.


Add to Shopping Cart

If you have determines the items press the "Add to Cart" button, and go to the checkout. 
Please who is a followed by shopping, press the button "continue shopping".


To the checkout

Addressee information, delivery method, please choose your payment method. 
When the person who is logged in, which is membership registration, will be displayed customer information we have on is on the check, please go to checkout. 
※ You can order without a membership registration. 
Since it will be the last in the confirmation screen, to check so that there is no mistake, to confirm the order.


The arrival of the order confirmation e-mail

After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation email to the email address your registered. Because usually you will receive in the next business day, when it does not reach any chance sorry to trouble you, but please contact the Customer Service Center.

For membership registration

Member registration is here we have your acceptance from. 
Also, when shopping, and add to your information, if it is possible to set a password, you can also directly member registration.

Payment method

Cash on delivery, credit card, net bank, you can choose from among the bank ATM.

For cash on delivery

Delivery trader: Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. 
at the time the customer is a goods receipt of available cash on delivery, please pay the price to the delivery company. 
Cash-on-delivery commission Torikakari you of the following.

<Purchase price / cash-on-delivery charge> 
cash-on-delivery commission is as follows. 
30,000 yen less than / 324 yen 
100,000 yen less than / 540 yen 
less than 200,000 yen / 864 yen 
300,000 yen less than / 972 yen 
500,000 yen less than / 1,404 yen 

※ The above amount is tax.
Payment will be cash on delivery by cash or the following credit card.

Please present your card at the time of delivery of payment of the customer's card.

About bank transfer

If you pay by bank transfer, excuse me, I will consider it as prepayment. 
Transfer to the following account, after a payment check, I will ship goods.


Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ harbor Branch ordinary deposit 1181108 
Ltd. pyramid cycle Niba collection

※ transfer fee will be paid by the customer. Please note.

For credit card settlement

Card available is becoming "JCB", "VISA", "master", "Diners Club", "American Express". 
One time payment / bonus batch / installments are available.

For bank net (Internet banking) Settlement

Including the mega-banks, the whole country of Japan Post Bank, net bank, regional banks, JA Bank, is available in the JF Marine Bank.

Available Bank of icon

From the purchase application screen of the site, the transition to the Internet banking screen of each financial institution, please perform the payment. It should be noted that the payment must be registered to the Internet banking of financial institutions to be used in advance.

For Bank ATM settlement

Japan Post Bank nationwide, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Chiba Bank, is available in Keiyo Bank.

Available Bank of icon

At the time of purchase application, the "payment number (confirmation number)" to be notified from the site a note, we will go to each of the financial institutions of the above. 
※ There is also a case cash card of part of the ATM in the corresponding financial institutions is necessary.

The payment in a bank ATM

From the ATM, which is installed in the bank, please pay in cash or card. 
Depending on the day of the week, time of day, there is also a case that can not cash payments. In addition, since there is also a case that the overtime fee occur, please note.

Delivery charge

Please refer to the area of ​​the relevant.

Nationwide uniform 500 yen

Delivery Days

Ships within a payment check after one to three days (except for regular holiday). 
In the case of goods by some chance out of stock of your choice, that effect will contact, we will cancel the order.

Cancellation, returned goods, and exchange

If you wish to return or exchange, please contact us within 5 days after the arrival to the product. Products different things and some of the problems, we will replace or refund at our expense. 
If the return by the convenience of the customer, postage please bear by the customer. It should be noted that, once available merchandise, products that are older than five days after arrival, returned or exchanged, such as products that scratches and dirt occurs in your hand, please forgive me.

Shipping destination 
Yubinbango559-0034 Osaka-shi, Osaka Suminoe-ku, Nankokita 2-1-10 ATM, ITM 5-L- 7 
Ltd. pyramid cycle Niba collection 

Contact Us

Contact us by phone 06-6615-5484 Hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (weekdays only) 

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